Web Portals

What is Web Portal?

This might come as confusion, but Web Portal is a specially designed website that provides information catered from various sources such as emails, online forums, search engines on one platform, in a uniform way. It is a personalized and customized library that help in navigation and personalization of notifications that provide well-integrated information from diverse sources with advanced features such as task management, collaboration, business intelligence etc.

Functions of Web Portal

  • Upgrading your website Web Portal development help you in improving the capability of the web pages that help you deliver quality information, thus a web portal is the new world toolset that makes implementation of information better and behaves as a different communication approach.
  • Improves Relations immensely It helps in enhanced customer-company relations as it helps in improving their customer relations by providing high-end and filtered information on a user-friendly and comprehensive platform.
  • Domain Specific Domain Specific development of web portals helps you attract the users that seek information and services on that domain. Thus, helping you attract a particular area of domain.
  • Interaction When done efficiently web portal design services help you a lot in interacting better with your customers and clients. They help you make your web pages very interactive and target better to your audience.
  • The process of web portal designing services Web portal development and designing is a complex art as its functionality is highly difficult to render. The complex process of web portal development includes similar steps as website development. However, the difference is in its features, functionality, coding, testing, and integration. Since we have covered the features and functionality let’s start with the languages and frameworks that are used dominantly in web portal development services by eminent web portal development companies and web portal developers.
  • Languages and Frameworks prominently used in developing web portals Since web portals are differently designed websites, the languages are similar that we use in building and web designing services in website development. Thus, the top 10 frameworks that we use in building web portals are 1. AngularJS 2. Laravel 3. React.JS 4. NodeJS 5. Ruby on Rails 6. Symfony 7. Asp.Net 8. Yii 9. Metor.JS and 10. CakePHP.